Retouché par Eva Kokoschka @ Janvier

Pour le A Magazine currated by Thom Browne, série photographiée par Andrea Giacobbe.

STYLING: Sarah Jane Wilde
MODEL: Lucinda Schaefer
MAKE UP: Tatsu Yamanaka
HAIR: Paolo Ferreira 
PHOTO ASSISTANCE: Veronique Khammisouk, Lucie Sassiat
PROP STYLING: Eric Fourneret
Eva Kokoschka @ JANVIER  
(The Mirror Sphere, The Astronaut, The Sphere, The Nun, The Fishbowl, The Deer, The Forest, The Executioner, The Nun Double, The Flux, The Voodoo Child, The White Sphere, The Rig, The Dimension Door)
Lavastre Corinne @ JANVIER
(The Nun, The Chapel, The Broken Mirror, The Sculpture, The Mask, The Bed)
Joseph Duke Jefroykin @ JANVIER
(The Flux)
3D: Javier Leon Carrillo @ a52  
(The Sphere, The Fishbowl, The Broken Mirror, The Bed, The Forest, The Executioner)
Paulo deAlmada @ a52 (The Deer)
Andrew Cohen, Mike Lombardo, Jimmy San @ MPC NY (The Chapel)
Selva K Kumar, Jessica Groom, Jaemin Lee @ MPC LA (The Nun)
Sebastian Greese, Gerard Dunleavy @ MPC London (The Mask)
Valeriy Sendetskyi (The Sculpture, The Mask)
Eric Lautard (The Flux)
Special Thanks: Christophe Eon and Jean Leclercq @ JANVIER
Dave Morrison @ RESET